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Email - manual configuration on LG Nexus 4

Email - manual configuration on LG Nexus 4
Email: manual configuration - LG Nexus 4

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1. From the home screen, tap the App Launcher

2. Tap Email

3. Enter your email address and then tap Next
Note: Most web-based email accounts can be added. If your account details are not automatically recognized, contact your email provider and request the relevant account information and then select Manual Setup. If you use Gmail, use the Gmail app instead

4. Enter your password and then tap Next

5. Select your preferences and then tap Next

6. Enter a name for the account and then tap Next

7. You will be taken to your inbox. To compose a new email, tap the Compose icon

8. Enter the recipient's email address

9. Tap Subject

10. Enter the email's subject

11. Tap Compose Email

12. Enter the text of your message and then tap the Send icon.

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